GaoKon Mascot
GaoKon Mascot, Eliza and her mech-suit Gaotron.
Mecha GaoKon Mascot
Full color Gaotron.


GaoKon is a pop-culture convention with a focus on anime, comics, gaming, and all things nerdy! Our goal is to create a convention that has both a safe and fun environment to all. While our primary focus is Asian pop culture we are open to all nerd culture.

Our Name

The name "GaoKon" was created as a reference to a common Japanese onomatopoeia, ガオー (gao), which is most commonly used as the sound a lion makes when it roars, especially in anime; and the Romanization of the Japanese spelling of con (kon), which is the abbreviation for convention. "Kon" also happens to be the pronunciation of "紺," which is a Japanese word meaning 'deep blue.' Due to our ties with Penn State we thought it was the perfect name.

Who's involved?

GaoKon is run by Nanashi with support from groups all over Pennsylvania.

Nanashi: The Anime Club

The anime and Asian pop-culture club of Penn State Behrend.

Behrend Gaming Club

The video game, board game, and roleplaying game club of Penn State Behrend.

GaoKon is also run with support from the following clubs & organizations:

Game Developer's Club

    The game development club at Penn State Behrend.

Matchbox Players

    The improvisational comedy and acting club at Penn State Behrend